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Android has grown tremendously in the smartphone market over the past two years to a place where it is now the #1 selling mobile operating system (OS) in the United States and the world. To help those of you concerned with monitoring devices running Android, we've outlined our top-rated mobile phone monitoring software below.

FlexiSPY Pro-X Review

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Pros: Web-based monitoring interface. All activity recorded by WebWatcher Mobile Plus for Android is sent to an online account where you can see it from any web browser. This eliminates the need to ever access the smartphone again after installation.


Additionally, if you use other WebWatcher products, such as WebWatcher Mobile Plus for BlackBerry below, they all appear together seamlessly in the online account.


Website History Tracking. In addition to SMS, photos, location and calls, you can also view websites visited from the Android smartphone. This is especially important as smartphone data usage continues to increase making it a common place for people to access the internet, in addition to their computer.


Cons: Android email application does not allow for WebWatcher Mobile Plus for Android to capture messages sent or received.


Best for monitoring: Children and employees (especially remote workers).


Price: $67

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