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WebPlus Review

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With tons of easy to implement advanced features such as e-commerce and RSS feeds, WebPlus is an outstanding choice for anyone looking to create a professional level website without any HTML coding experience.


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Features, features, features. WebPlus 10 is all about advanced features. With the deepest set of add-ons of any of the solutions that we reviewed, for anyone looking to build a state-of-the-art site with all the bells and whistles of the major players out there, this is a solid choice.


Despite a price point that is a little higher than most, WebPlus still delivers great bang for the buck. Clearly aiming at a customer base a little more sophisticated than person just looking to put up a website to showcase their newborn’s growing photo collection, WebPlus is none-the-less easy to use. You’ll find that customizing the basics of your website is as easy with WebPlus as it is with any other web design application on the market. But unlike other applications that aim primarily to be easy to use, rather than elegant and functional, WebPlus goes all the way, making the latest web elements such as interactive forms and RSS available and easy to add.


Our only real concern with WebPlus is that it assumes a certain level of understanding of web design and web elements that many of the novice consumers may find a little mind boggling, rendering those offerings null and void. For those that can wrap their heads around the myriad of extras that are here for the taking, however, WebPlus is a powerful offering.

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