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Very strong at expanding vocabulary. It's really best for people wanting to improve already existing language skills and not recommended for beginners. Doesn't aid in developing grammar skills.

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At its core, Unforgettable Languages is really just a tool for expanding your vocabulary. Despite some claims to the contrary, an increased vocabulary was really all we got out of this program, but wow, what an effective tool this is for learning new words in the language of your choice.


Unforgettable Languages has developed such a unique approach to learning vocabulary, that no matter what system you end up choosing to learn the basics of the language you are studying, Unforgettable Languages is a must-have addition to really cap off your education.


Essentially, what Unforgettable Languages does is utilize mnemonic devices to help you remember the words of a foreign language. A mnemonic device is something like a rhyming scheme, or a “sounds like” way of remembering things. So, for instance, the Greek word for “hand” sounds a lot like “hairy”. So, what Unforgettable Languages does, is to tell you to think of a hairy hand. It might sound a bit silly, but it really does work. In fact, most of the people who hold records for memorizing things say that they use mnemonic devices to remember things.


If you don’t think that it would work, just give it a try. Unforgettable Languages offers a free trial on their website.


While Unforgettable Languages may not be a stand alone application for learning a new language from the ground up, it truly is an effective way of learning new vocabulary.

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