Computer Monitoring - Things you MUST consider

The Truth About Monitoring All Activity

When many parents become concerned about the threats facing children today from the Internet, their first thoughts are often about blocking access to inappropriate material. They think that the answer to keeping their children safe is to filter out all of the bad stuff and allow in all of the good.


Blocking Wesites and Webpages


Blocking can be very effective if used with very small children. It protects them when you can not be there. If you try to block older children, however, it will simply drive them elsewhere to a friends computer perhaps. And then you will not have any idea what they are up to.


The Internet is a vast and quickly-growing ocean of information. More new webpages come online every day and keeping up with them is an impossible task.


Web Filtering and Blocking software attempts to categorize all of these pages but in all of our real-world testing, not one was able to keep EVERYTHING out.


For this reason, it is important to make sure that any software you do buy also offers you the ability to monitor the activity of your child so that you can decide what is and is not appropriate for them. Also, by monitoring you will be able to keep an eye on who is trying to contact your child, as well as the decisions that your child makes online regarding such things as whether or not to give out even innocent seeming pieces of personal information.


Best of all, the best monitoring solutions can actually save you time, as they will alert you to any potential threats. It’s very empowering to receive a text message on your phone or email saying that your child has just been threatened. It allows you to take immediate action when you otherwise would not even have known there was a problem.

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