Computer Monitoring - Things you MUST consider

The Truth About Monitoring PC & Phone

There are many reasons why you might need to monitor multiple computers. Employers certainly want to keep tabs on more than one employee and many parents have several children they want to keep an eye on.


Of course, in theory, any application can monitor multiple computers by simply installing a copy of the software on each individual machine, and then sitting down at that machine to view what has been recorded. However, there are some applications that utilize a Central Reporting System ("CRS") that collects all of the data from all of the computers that you are monitoring and makes it viewable from one central login.


A CRS solution is the ideal solution for anyone with limited access to the computer being monitored, or anyone looking to monitor three or more computers. For companies monitoring across and entire office or network, it is the only feasible setup from a time management perspective.


If you plan to monitor multiple computers be sure to look at the applications that offer a CRS solution, because it will save you a ton of time and make the whole monitoring experience that much easier.


There are currently only a few consumer programs that can truly monitor more than one computer effectively.

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