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Great voice recognition software really helps with pronunciation. Polished user interface and presentation. Lets you choose your preferred learning method: free-flowing or structured. A bit old school: simply presents information in straight-forward manner.

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Unlike many software packages, TeLL me More Premium is truly designed for all levels of learners, from absolute beginners to those who are familiar with the language but need help with grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation or comprehension.


One of the key features of TeLL me More is that it gives the user three modes of learning:


 • Free-to-Roam, in which the user can freely pick from a wide variety of exercises
   on numerous topics.

 • Guided Mode, in which the user is taken through lessons sequentially. In this
   mode, the user still gets to pick what topics should be covered, so someone
   familiar with certain aspects of the language doesn't need to waste time
   reviewing he is already known.

 • Dynamic Mode is similar to the Guided Mode, except that the program takes a
   bigger role in selecting the specific lessons in accordance with the goals set by
   the user and the user's performance.



Lessons are presented in activities and workshops that range from dialogue practice to crossword puzzles to writing exercises.

Special features of TeLL me More Premium include speech recognition that's surprisingly good to help the user with pronunciation and intonation; access to an Internet site that provides additional learning resources; and the ability to create your own audio CDs that you can use for practice when you're away from the computer.

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