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For anyone with an inner geek that craves settings, settings, settings, SpyAgent is for you! Bursting with wall-to-wall features, including a log of all internet connections, SpyAgent is a robust piece of monitoring software. One of the more feature rich of the products that we reviewed, SpyAgent is a standout on our list because of the sheer magnitude of its custamizability. They also do a good job of presenting the options and settings in an intuitive way that makes tweaking your setup and getting high quality monitoring fairly simple, even for the layman parental user.

Spy Agent Review

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SpyAgent certainly won't leave you wishing that it did more. Out of the box (or download, as the case may be) like only a handful of the applications that we reviewed, SpyAgent comes standard with not only the ability to monitor what is happening on the computer, but it also comes with a basic set of filtering tools. The included tools allow you to block certain keywords or websites as well as applications based on ports.


While it's not the most robust filtering feature set in the line-up, it's better than nothing, and helped push this product higher than some of the stronger monitoring applications that offer not filtering capabilities


SpyAgent monitors almost everything including:


 • Tracking of all websites that are visited

 • Recording all emails and instant messages

 • Tracks all keystrokes typed on the computer

 • Takes screenshot pictures of the monitored computer so you can see     graphics, etc.

 • Windows Viewed

 • Internet Connections

 • Clipboard Logs



Another nice feature in SpyAgent's arsenal is the fact that it comes with the ability to disable spyware detectors such as Microsoft's Antispyqare and other popular programs that detect SpyAgent. While this feature might not be very useful for people trying to monitor someone technically savvy and will notice that the program has been shut down, it's a nice addition for someone trying to monitor someone with little computer knowledge. Our only request would be that they put a little more effort into ensuring that SpyAgent was completely invisible, rather than just absent from the Task Manager.


Overall, SpyAgent is a solid entry in the world of monitoring. It's only real downfall is that, like so many of the other applications out there, the only means of viewing the data if you don't have access to the computer you are monitoring is via email. Trying to monitor via email, as we've discussed is a very cumbersome method of viewing data.


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