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Despite a poor selection of templates, SiteSpinner delivers a quality suite of site development tools that are VERY easy to use. Add to this the ability to drop in hand coded HTML and you've got the means to create highly customized websites with little effort.


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With a suite of tools that are as easy to use as anything that we’ve reviewed, SiteSpinner just misses the mark of becoming a full-fledged web design package. Ultimately, what holds them back is a lack of any real quality templates and a need to understand HTML coding in order to unleash SiteSpinner’s full potential.


In our opinions, ease of use a quality stable of hundreds, if not thousands of templates are the two main ingredients for creating a web design application that beginnings can use to create a truly professional site. Unfortunately, SiteSpinner seems to be aiming their efforts more at people who already have a base understanding of HTML coding, since the off the shelf templates are rudimentary at best.


Let there be no mistake, however, SiteSpinner is extremely easy to use, and has a whole bevy of advanced tools that in the hands of a professional could turn out some quality material. For the beginner who is looking to get something up quickly, and without any knowledge or time wasted, this is probably not the best choice.


If, on the other hand, you know how to hand code HTML and you are looking for an application that doesn’t place the frustrating limitations on your creativity that some of the other “on rails” programs force you to coform to, SiteSpinner is an excellent choice that for the price you will be very happy with.

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