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Rosetta Stone Review

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Your best bet to REALLY learn a language. Uses written and spoken word as well as images. Gave our testers the fastest language proficiency. Just like being in a language class but in the comfort of your own home. No ability to improve pronunciation as voice recognition is not offered.

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If you are serious about learning a language, this is definitely your best bet. It doesn't get any more professional or polished than this. From start to finish it is the gold standard by which all other language systems are judged. Using a highly entertaining and effective combination of written word, spoken word, and images, the Rosetta Stone has created the ultimate language learning tool.


The Rosetta Stone method has it's roots in science's understanding of how we learn and remember. By building connections between words and images, and by using a sophisticated system of repetition, you quickly begin to learn the basics of the language that you are studying. In addition, everything in the Rosetta Stone method is practical knowledge. While the scope of what they teach is limited mostly to vocabulary, because they teach this vocabulary through a highly effective system of spoken word and images, your mind quickly assimilates the information and your level of retention is extremely high. Also, because the Rosetta Stone method uses a total immersion technique of saying everything except the instructions necessary to understand what is going on in the language that you are learning, you pick up grammar along with the vocabulary.


The only thing negative that we'd say about the Rosetta Stone is that we wish that it incorporated some speech recognition tools to really emphasize the importance of pronunciation. It doesn't do you much good to learn a language if you can't actually speak it. There's no question that you'll spend a lot of time hearing things pronounced correctly, but it would be nice if they emphasized it a little more in future versions of the software.


Overall, this program really shines, and is truly your best chance at actually learning the language you are attempting to master. Couple that with an enjoyable multi-media approach and you have a language system that really delivers fun and results. If you are new to language tools and are interested in progressing quickly, this is the system for you. You can't go wrong with the Rosetta Stone.

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