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Uses audio repetition in a manner that makes you feel like you're always progressing. Manages to avoid monotony by giving you enough time to remember and apply before they give you the answer. Only audio CDs - doesn't take advantage of new technologies offered by others.

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The method behind the Pimsleur approach is the tried and true method of repetition. What makes this language method better than most, however, is the way that they integrate the repetition into a format that makes you feel like you are always progressing. Unlike most of the other systems out there that use repetition, and make you feel like you are going around in circles, the Pimsleur Approach utilizes carefully structured lessons that change the context in which the language elements are presented. That way, even though the basics of the language are being drummed into you, it never feels monotonous or boring.


The only real complaint that we have about the Pimsleur Approach is that it hasn't done a good job of keeping itself up to date. While most language applications have moved into a multi-media approach, Pimsleur feels a little outdated in that it's really just a serious of audio CDs. It's impossible to argue that the CDs aren't effective, but they are not as much fun as some of the other systems out there that have added interactive elements such as games and videos to their offerings.


The Pimsleur Approach at its essence is a very professional and effective means of learning a language. And with a selections of languages that spans the gamut, you really can't go wrong with this system. If, however, you have only a passing interest in learning a bit about a language, and are looking for a mere introduction to a language, you'd be better off getting one of the cheaper offerings that emphasize fun rather than real education. If, however, you are legitimately trying to learn a new language, if you follow the Pimsleur Approach all the way to the end, you'll find yourself quickly developing a real proficiency in your language of choice.

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