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Jan 25, 2019 10:39 am / Posted by WellResearchedReviews - 9/10 Stars WebWatcher for Android is our Top Pick because it is easy to install, has an intuitive web-based interface and it is the only monitoring solution available that does not require you to Root the Android device. This is critically important as Rooting is an incredibly complicated process, may brick (permanently damage) the device, voids its warranty and rooted monitoring software will no longer function once the device updates to the latest OS. WebWatcher for Android records SMS Text Messages, Photos, Website & Call Log History and App Usage.

From our testing, WebWatcher for Android is very reliable, with no issues experienced. In addition, WebWatcher makes monitoring easy for the user by providing alert word notifications as well as highlighting alert words in text messages. Surprisingly, notwithstanding its superior feature set, WebWatcher is priced lower than key competitors making it not only the best product but also a great value.

Key Features

Web-Based Monitoring Interface: All activity recorded by WebWatcher for Android is sent to an online account where you can see it from any web browser. This eliminates the need to ever access the smartphone again after installation. Additionally, if you use other WebWatcher products, such as WebWatcher for iPhone, they all appear together seamlessly in the online account.

SMS Text Messages: See SMS Text Messages sent and received on an Android device. Protect your kids online reputation by preventing "sexting".

Website History: See all websites visited on the Android device. Smartphone web browsing is no longer an unknown!

Photo Recording: Keep track of what photos are being taken and saved to the Android device. Whether they've been deleted or not, you'll have a record of what is sent to friends and posted to Facebook.

Call Log History: Easily monitor when calls are made, received, and missed by the Android device. See call duration, time of call, and phone numbers.

App Usage: Monitor all Apps used on the device, App Name, Duration (total time the app was open) and Active Time (time that the app was actively in use).

Instagram: View all photos taken through Instagram app, both saved and shared. With WebWatcher, Instagram is no longer an unknown!


Key Competitors:

FlexiSpy ($349/year):
FlexiSpy captures the largest number of data types including emails, instant messages, text messages, photos, live call recordings and phone surroundings. But please be careful as capturing live voice is likely considered wire tapping and thus would be illegal in the USA. In addition, FlexiSpy requires you to root the device which is a complicated process, may brick (permanently damage) the device and will void the warranty. Even if rooted successfully, please note that FlexiSpy will only work until the Android upgrades to the next OS.

mSpy ($199.99/year):
While mSpy captures a lot of data types, it unfortunately requires the user to root the device. mSpy will function only until the user upgrades to a new OS. But if you still want to use mSpy, please understand that the rooting process is complicated, may brick (permanently damage) the device, and will void the device's warranty.

MobileSpy ($139.97/year):
MobileSpy captures a lot of different data types, but also requires you to root the device. As such, we have all the same concerns about the usability of this product as detailed in the mSpy review above. MobileSpy will also stop working when the Android device upgrades to a new OS.