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The best monitoring and filtering software available. Nothing else even comes close. It allows you to monitor your child or employee's computer from the web so that you don't have to keep checking from the computer you're monitoring. If you would like to see recorded data via email, you can purchase e-Notify ($29.95) as an add-on to WebWatcher for PC & Mac. Also, if you need to monitor both a computer and a smart phone, only WebWatcher lets you see activity for both from the same online user-interface, which can be a real advantage.


WebWatcher Review
WebWatcher Review WebWatcher Review

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The scarcity of WebWatcher complaints and the overwhelmingly positive WebWatcher reviews indicate theirs is the best computer monitoring and internet filtering software available and no similar product even comes close. Because of its remote viewing capabilities, there is definitely a "Wow" factor to WebWatcher. There is just something high-tech and cool about being able to see what is being recorded from a remote location. On top of that, for anyone with limited access to their kid or employee's laptop they are trying to monitor, this feature is a must-have. Couple this ability with WebWatcher's world-class web filtering capabilities and exceptional arsenal of monitoring tools, and it's easy to see why they are our Editor's Choice.

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WebWatcher monitors almost everything including:


 • Records all email and webmail (both sent and received)

 • Records all Instant Messages/Chats

 • Monitors all websites visited

 • Blocks any and all undesired websites

 • Tracks all keystrokes typed on the computer

 • Takes screenshot pictures of the monitored computer so you can seegraphics,

 • Records all social networking activity including Facebook and Myspace

 • Records and/or blocks Peer 2 Peer activity

WebWatcher is a well-rounded application that is capable of both monitoring and Internet filtering, and it has most of the features that you'd expect a serious monitoring application to contain. In addition to that, WebWatcher also offers industrial-grade invisibility. We dug in pretty deeply, and there was no visible trace of the software anywhere.


WebWatcher's interface is simple and easy to use, and even a computer novice should find that it only takes a few minutes to figure out how everything works. WebWatcher has a few advanced features that border on unnecessary, but for those that take the time to figure them out they're a nice addition. And since WebWatcher's interface is actually a website, searching through the recorded information for the juicy items is very easy. In fact, if you use their alert word system, you'll find that you can save a lot of time by reading just the emails and things that contain words that you are interested in. So, for instance, WebWatcher can display for you just emails that contain specific words, or just the Instant Message conversations with a certain person. It makes finding what you are looking for really easy.


There's another thing that WebWatcher can do that we haven't seen before. Believe it or not, WebWatcher allows you to monitor as many computers as you want regardless of whether or not they're on a network. This means that once you install the WebWatcher software, you can forget all about it and it will continue to monitor the computer regardless of where it goes. We tested this by putting the software on four laptops and a couple of desktop machines and taking the computers to a variety of different locations around town. We cruised to the couple of local coffee shops, a local library, and even brought them home, and to friends' houses to see this in action.


Amazingly, the software continued to record everything we did no matter where we took the computers. We could then monitor the activities of all four computers simply by logging into one website. You can see why this feature would be important to any employer that needed to monitor employees with laptops in remote locations, or parents with children in college or studying abroad. And if you need to monitor both a computer and a smartphone, only WebWatcher lets you see activity for both from the same online user-interface, which can be a real advantage. This is one of the reasons that WebWatcher is used in schools and companies that need to monitor many computers while having a single reporting point that allows them to see every user's activity.


Though few and far between, we do have some WebWatcher complaints. The first is that while they have an automated alert system, its functionality is pretty simple. We'd love to see them go a little deeper and include text message alerting so that people could receive alerts on their phone.


Overall, however, WebWatcher really delivers and has clearly earned its position as our Reviewers' Choice. With remote access, a fantastic suite of monitoring tools, plus the ability to block websites, no matter what you're trying to do or who you're trying to monitor, you'll be glad to have this product on your side.


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WebWatcher Review WebWatcher Review WebWatcher Review WebWatcher Review