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Instant Immersion


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Instant Immersion Review

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They offer fun games that make learning fun. A bit clunky in the way it presents information so it takes some getting used to.

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With a package that includes five separate building blocks for learning a given language, Instant Immersion Language Lab has an interesting concept on its hands. Sadly, by breaking the experience up into five separate pieces, the end user experience is a bit disjointed a choppy. Ultimately, this segregated approach only adds to the already difficult task of learning a new language.


Instant Immersion’s five pieces are at their core quite interesting. The Talk Now CD, which teaches language basics through a series of fun little games is designed to make your first steps into a foreign language easy ones. Right off of the bat we were enjoying ourselves, but quickly you master the games and move onto The World Talk CD; the second module in the course. It was here that we began to realize the real flaw of the Instant Immersion system – just as you are getting the hang of things you find yourself having to learn a completely new system. It leaves you feeling like a kid who moves around a lot and so is frequently changing schools. It just adds an unnecessary level of difficulty to the process.


The problem is further exacerbated by the fact that there are a total of five CDs to master. Hopefully, in future versions of this otherwise promising software, they can find a way to more seamlessly integrate the different modules. Until then, we would say that this software is best suited for people who have tried some of the other methods that we reviewed higher and are simply looking for something new.

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