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Homestead boasts a catologue of some of the most beautiful templates around. Combine that with an easy to use online interface, fully functioning websites that you use as your own, and a full featured ecommerce set up, and you've got one of the best website design suites available.


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With their breath-taking catalog of templates and fully functioning websites that you can choose from, their intuitive interface, and their full-featured ecommerce options, Homestead delivers the complete web design package.


As we were going through and reviewing the options that the web design landscape had to offer, we were not expecting much from Homestead. We had built sites in the past ourselves, and we’d never even come across this little gem, but after getting our hands on it, it quickly rose to the top as the offering to beat. What really pushed us over the edge is their slew of high quality, professionally designed templates.


In this day and age, especially if you are trying to run an ecommerce site, in order to build the type of credibility that you need to get people to give you their hard-earned money, you’ve got to have a site that looks good. In fact, you’ve got to have a site that looks professionally designed (and to be quite honest, that looks down right expensive). This is Homestead’s real strength. Right off of the shelf, they can offer sites that look like they cost a fortune. While they don’t excel at customizability, you can bend the site to your will and make it your own.


Another area that Homestead shines in is their ecommerce solution. One of the most difficult hurdles that the budding web entrepreneur must overcome is what they call the “back end”. The “back end” is all of the mystery stuff such as the shopping cart that makes it possible for people to buy things directly from your website. Homestead provides their users with a whole host of services that makes putting a professional back end in place and making it possible for even a novice to build a professional looking and performing website.


Unless your only concern is absolute customizability, you can’t go wrong with this product.


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