Computer Monitoring - Things you MUST consider
The Truth About Stealth and Undetectability
We get asked these questions all the time:

“Just how stealthy are the computer monitoring solutions on the market?”

“Are they truly undetectable?”
Stealth and Undetectable Computer Monitoring

We have spent a lot of time testing software to find out the answers and here is the reality:

Many software programs claim to be very stealthy or even invisible. After putting these claims to the test, it quickly became clear that only a few programs were. The rest ranged from mildly hidden to very easy to find.

The most important thing to do in making sure that your software stays invisible to the people you are monitoring is to ensure that it is installed properly at the beginning.

Much of the software we tested was fairly easy to install. Installing it in such a way that anti-virus and anti-spyware software didn’t conflict with it was an altogether different matter.

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