Computer Monitoring - Things you MUST consider
Remote Access and Why It's Important
Itís very clear from all of the emails we get that one of the most important features people are interested in when choosing computer monitoring software is the ability to monitor a computer (or computers) from another location.

Itís really the first question you have to ask yourself: How important is the ability to monitor a computer from a different location to you?
Remote Access and Computer Monitoring

Itís very difficult in many cases to be able to access the computer that is being monitored because it may be in an inaccessible location or simply be in use when you want to view the recorded information Ė especially if youíre trying to monitor teenagers who have a habit of living on their computers.

Many software manufacturers have attempted to find ways to make the data viewable remotely Ė with varying degrees of success. When evaluating the software for our reviews, we paid particular attention to each applicationís ability to make the recorded information available for remote viewing in a way that maintained the core functionality and ease of use of the software that the manufacturers advertise. We rated each application on itís success in this arena.

The rankings appear in the review grid as follows:

  • Web-Based Ė This means you have total access to the data from any computer, anywhere, anytime.
  • Limited Remote Access Ė This means that certain features of the software are available online.
  • Email Reports - Means that you will only receive limited email reports regarding the targetís activity, and that core program functionality is lost.
  • None Ė This means that you must physically be at the computer that is being monitored to review what has been recorded.
Web-Based Limited Remote Access Email Reports None
WebWatcher SypAgent
Spector Pro 6.0
Content Protect
Norton Internet Security

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