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If all you need to do is block certain websites from the innocent eyes of very young children, then this product is for you. It is definitely the best of the stand alone Internet Filter applications available. When it comes to monitoring, however, this product simply doesnít fit the bill. Much like NetNanny and CyberSitter it just hasnít updated its feature set enough to continue to compete in todayís monitoring-centric market place.
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ContentProtect is a bit of a conundrum. If we were to break monitoring and filtering into two separate categories, ContentProtect would surely rate highly for filtering. However, we just canít bring ourselves to make a distinction, because that would be like calling the engine and the body of a car two separate items. While they are distinct parts, they are both necessary halves of a whole. By themselves, neither is worth much. In todayís world where Internet Predators lurk in every corner of the Internet, and pornography has become ubiquitous, it simply isnít enough to simply block websites anymore.

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ContentProtect does a great job of blocking, and with its automatic override feature, which allows you to instantly unblock a site that was unintentionally blocked, ContentProtect has managed to avoid some of the pitfalls that have consumed lesser filtering applications. In addition, ContentProtect allows you to configure separate settings for each user profile so that you can tailor the level of restriction to the particular users of the computer. This is a very handy feature, and is something that we wish more of the combo monitor/filter applications would adopt.

Another thing that ContentProtect has in its arsenal is the ability to out and out block a user from accessing the entire Internet, instant messaging applications, newsgroups, or even peer-to-peer software. This is a very valuable level of control, and for anyone with very young kids, this feature will be used extensively. It doesnít, however, stop inappropriate people from contacting your children when they are online, and that is why having a feature set that includes monitoring is so essential.

Bottom line, if your children are just becoming old enough to use the computer and they do little more than surf to their favorite cartoon websites, then this program is great and affordable choice. But if you have tweens or teens, you need something with more robust monitoring capabilities.