Do you read reviews before buying software? We certainly do.


You just can’t trust the words of the people who make the software and there’s no equivalent of the FDA to keep software companies in check. With no organization like the FDA, software companies often exaggerate claims, and say what they want with little fear of repercussions, often embellishing – and outright lying – about what their products do and just how effective they are.


What’s even more misleading to consumers is what they leave out – this is usually the most important information in making a decision and it’s why we have a section entitled “What they don’t tell you” whenever we feel that there’s information that you should know. Be sure to look for it.


The problem is that it's so hard to find software reviews and when you do find them it’s practically impossible to compare products side by side because each review focuses on something different and never makes a clear, concise evaluation of the entire field (or even the top products in the field).


That’s what we do – allow you to understand every major product in a particular field so you can rest assured that you made the right decision for you.


We’ll be totally honest with you and give you the real story. All we ask is that if you do decide to purchase one of the items that we have reviewed that you do so by clicking through our links, as we earn an affiliate commission on many of the products featured here. By doing so, you’ll help ensure that we can continue to provide you with unbiased, well researched reviews.


We don't get paid to write our reviews nor do we get any money from any software companies except for commissions when customers purchase software through our “Buy Now” links.

Full Disclosure: While we have tried to do a thorough job giving a fair analysis of each product, we are compensated by sales generated from these reviews.

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