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101 Languages of the World


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101 Languages of the World Review

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Gives a great overview of many languages but doesn't provide tools that give you proficiency. Gives only basic words and phrases so it should only be used as a reference for people who travel extensively as a "cram course" but at $19.95 we can't complain.

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The name says it all. Any program that can cram 101 languages into one program is obviously not focused on depth of knowledge, but rather on giving people a wide overview.


101 Languages of the World is ultimately only a good choice for someone who finds themselves having to make a last minute trip to a foreign country and they want to be able to ask where the bathroom is located when they get there. Only the most basic words and phrases and grammar points are contained within this program. In addition to this, there is no real method to the madness in terms of how they go about trying to teach their lessons.


At $19.95 you can’t go too wrong, however, and if you are interested in dabbling in several languages at once or over time, this is not an all together bad choice as long as you are realistic about what you are getting. One thing, however, that even a program of limited depth would do well to include would be some more games. 101 Languages of the World could really increase the value of their system if they were to incorporate some more games and increase the overall entertainment value of their approach.

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